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We are building a world.

(Building a world takes a long time. Please mind our site, it is under construction)


From the creators that brought you The Moon Puppies….

Fuel up your jet pack and travel with us to

The Land of Laughter


Millions of smiles from URRTH (*earth), hovering somewhere between Saturn and a black hole, is The Land of Laughter. While it may be the smallest of the planets, it’s brimming with life. Catch the native Moon Puppies wiggling across the landscape. See if you can find your way to the Secret Ocean. Taste Medicinal Orbs of Mumbo Jumbo.

Are you ready to explore? Read on and jump into our world…..


The Land of Laughter, in real time…

We bring the Land of Laughter to life through immersive experiences and interactive theater, view our past projects here.



is an interactive production studio based in Austin, TX. We are building our world through multimedia story telling and immersive experiences. We invite you to jump through the portal, let go of your reality, and let your childlike wonder free.